Benefits to Transform my Conservatory


Ultimate roof tiles come in a range of options to best suit your home. Inside, you can choose from modern plastered or timbered finishes for those natural light necessities while also adding some contemporary L.E..D spotlights that’ll make the room pop!
To finish it off why not opt-in on one more thing? A skylight will let sunlight streaming through giving an antique feel without any worries about theft prevention either because these roofs are brand new models designed specifically with safety features like sensors so they won’t open unless someone walks over them first

Add Some Luxury To Your New Conservatory

Our experts will walk you through the full design process, discussing size, style and shape as well as giving professional advice on how to enhance your home and perfectly blend the conservatory into the property.

Lighting Options

We want to leave you with a conservatory which is ready to use all year round, so you might want to consider these finishing touches to bring your new conservatory to life.

Our internal and external LED lighting our available in three colour tones between 3000k and 5000k which adds a cosy, warm and comfortable ambient light to the inside and outside of your property. These can be installed in either the pelmet or to the ceiling.

Speak to us today to discover just what you could do with a year-round room, styled completely to your requirements.

Interior High-performance finishing (UPVC) Over time, traditional painted wooden window sills and skirting boards can become discoloured from sunlight and years of use. That’s why more and more people are turning to alternative options.

We offer 2 option for this:

Duraboard which are used for conservatories and homes. This is the ultimate board that has a hard wearing long lasting surface.

UPVC window ‘cills’. These are beautifully finished round-edged boards that will give any room a contemporary feel. And to finish off we have the perfect end caps too, in matching colours.

No repainting, no scrubbing, just the occasional wipe with a damp cloth. They are also pressure-laminated meaning they will resist scratches, heat and moisture.

Skirting Boards Options

Wall Options

A conservatory conversion can be the perfect way to create a stylish living space, fun playroom for the children or even a contemporary work space with amazing natural light. The newly created wall can offer endless possibilities giving you the opportunity to hang artwork or pictures.

INTERNAL FINISH The Thermal Privacy Wall has an internal plaster finish.

EXTERNAL FINISH We clad the exterior of your wall using a UPVC cladding which best matches your conservatory frames.

FULLY INSULATED The Thermal Privacy Wall compliments the roofs performance of the roof with a 0.18 U value

Roof Styles

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